Selling a Second-Hand Car Online

There are numerous methods of facilitating a private car sale, and which one works best might vary by locale. Some individuals may find success through newspaper classified ads while others prefer to simply park the vehicle in a high-traffic location with a for-sale sign. Others might prefer to list online through sites such as or

Have a Used Car for Sale? Try or for Private Car Sales

Here is a brief overview of what to expect when listing a car for sale by owner on or
  • – Motor vehicles listed on are also advertised on the website’s partner sites, including,, and Online vehicle listing prices begin at $29.99 for a simple 3-week ad with one photo. For the ability to post more photos and list for a longer time period the price increases to $49.99 (9 photos; 8 weeks) to $75.99 (18 photos; runs until it sells with a money back guarantee).
  • – Autos listed on may also appear on its affiliate websites like Yahoo! Autos,, Consumer Guide Automotive, and has a more locally-focused strategy which may appeal to many sellers. Online-only ad packages start at $20; the website also offers a combo online plus print ad (local newspaper) package where available.
With and, sellers should be willing to deal with out-of-town purchasers. Buyers have the ability to search locally by zip code, but someone across the country could also contact you.

Used Car Checklist – Things to Do Before Selling a Second Hand Car Online or Offline

Regardless of which method a seller uses, certain things must be done in order to prepare the car for sale.
Furthermore, immediately upon selling the vehicle, make sure to remove insurance coverage and turn in license plates if required by state law.

How to Sell Your Car Online – Reasons to Use eBay, Craigslist, Vehicle Listings

In pricing a car for private sale online, you should consider whether the buyer will have an opportunity take a test drive or let a mechanic inspect the car. If one or both of those things is impossible, then be prepared for the buyer to negotiate fiercely in exchange for his or her risk tolerance.

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