Anki Overdrive Super Trucks Review - What a Great Slot Racing Truck

Anki Company has introduced a new way to play with toy cars. The Anki Overdrive is a slot car racing game which is specially designed for the children’s who more interest in playing the car racing games are. This game is basically an upgraded version of all other racing games.

The toy collectors who are interested in collecting different kinds of toy cars are getting more focused on collecting this fast racing car game, which gives more fun experience while playing.

The continuous upgrade options are available with this car gaming to give you huge improvements while you play this game. This slot game has a modular track system, which can be dismantled easily when you are not playing the game as an alternative to the normal roll-out tracks.

You can design beautiful pretty tracks by using the parts of the tracks, which has magnets on both of its sides to connect with other parts. You can design various designs of the track to have different playing experience.

The Anki Overdrive slot cars are more responsive and playing experience with this cars is not only limited to the children, even an adult boys can play this car racing on their smartphones and laptops. This game is more responsive than the other slot car racing games.

The playing experience of this game is more interesting and more challenging to the players because there are 4 different game modes available with unique playing experience, that are Battle, Race, Time Trial, and King of the Hill. So that you can play this game without feeling boring.

The Anki Overdrive is appreciated for its excellent quality and its affordable price. With a low-cost value, this game gives you a great playing experience. You can buy this Anki Overdrive parking anywhere in the world through online.

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SuperTrucks in Action

User Reviews

Joe - If you like Anki Overdrive you'e going to love this truck. We just picked ours up from the store yesterday and it's fantastic. The play style is different, so that's a little odd at first, but it only takes a minute to get used to. My only concern at this point is that i won't be using jumps for races with the super trucks (though admittedly i haven't tried it). Other than that i actually think i PREFER the X-52 over the cars. This may just be excitement of the new vehicle, but i feel like its actually more stable on the track due to the trailer and the extra wheels. This might all just be wishful thinking, but the end result stands, super trucks are an amazingly fun and welcome addition to Anki Overdrive.

RAKC - We bought overdrive starter kit as the family gift, I also got big bang and this so we had 4 vehicles. This was bought as mine (not knowing game mechanics at the time) but after learning it quickly and decimating family games it's a fight as to who gets to use it. It's preset weapons are nice and get nastier as you power up. And rage mode is REDICULOUS!!!! As long as you actually keep it in the middle lanes it owns the track the entire time rage is active. Won many races now though it's not fast in normal mode because of rage and the defensive weapon (well more a rear weapon that defensive lol). I only hate that the expansion track itself is so expensive (kind of ridiculous if you ask me) because it's delaying getting the other 2 trucks

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